Creative Work & Training

You can read about my experiences at the Margolis Method 2017 Conservatory on the Margolis Method Blog at:

Page Photo Credits: Jarod Hanson and The Margolis Method

A Character Portrait of Blanche Dubois

A solo piece I created with the guidance and direction of Kari Margolis at the 2017 Margolis Method Conservatory.

"Out Damn Spot!" Lady MacBeth

An ensemble piece created and directed by Kari Margolis at the 2017 Margolis Method Conservatory.

Margolis Method Training 

I have been training and studying the Margolis Method for 5 years and I am currently working on my Professional Artist Certification in the method.

MM Online Training

I have had the pleasure of Instructing/Demonstrating exercises on the Margolis Method Online Training Program. 

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